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When E-sim trolling on you (Fun)
Posted 5 months ago by

Hello guys and welcome to my newspaper.

Please vote and subscribe, that I get a achievementt

This my trolling pictures will be about e-sim luna server.
So lets seeeeeeee

1.Equipment parameter reshuffle

Lets thinking about this. How much will be real price of Equipment parameter reshuffle? 350g? 450g? 1000g? :O
Noo, you will be surprised when know about REAL price of Equipment parameter reshuffle.
For that, if u using that parameter, u will see in Special Items side Usage history section

Yes really!
Why prices of equipment of that parameter is much high?? what`s happened guys?

okay, lets see the next
2.Equipment parameter upgrade

Unfortunality, Upgrade price is 25g too, so let`s keep our money more secury and do not spend that much more for market normalizing

3.Abot merge
Do u ever listen, that after x3 Q2 shoes merge will get Q3 helmet??

Yes, its reality so let`s make Q3 helmet bussnes from x3 Q2 shoes, and it`s will be loyal helmets ( that selling much expensive).

Wowowow brother, please don`t understand my words like truth I just joking :x

Okay for this I preparing this much. So vote and subscribe to my this article and newspaper, and if u liked this my article write in comments, that do you want that I countine or no??

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16-11-2018 6:25:51
(4 months ago)


09-10-2018 17:00:35
(5 months ago)

hahahahahaha amazing! and... sometimes I did have these esim trollings too hahaha

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